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The range of financing possibilities available to SME entrepreneurs and start-ups is becoming increasingly diverse and may therefore also be unclear to entrepreneurs. In addition to banks, there are all kinds of alternatives, which gives entrepreneurs more options, but that does not always make access to investment capital easier.

At the heart of difficulties are possibilities..
- Albert Einstein

To facilitate access, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has set up the so-called Financing Tables. In Friesland that is Financing Table Friesland, which is organised by WaterCampus Leeuwarden and the province of Fryslân.
National branch organisations, such as NVB, the SRA, MKB Nederland and the MKB Financing Foundation support the initiative.

From € 100,000

For innovative startups and growers

The Financing Table Friesland is looking for solutions for companies that experiencing difficulties in their search for money. The Financing Table is aimed at growth financing for SMEs. In this way, the table helps innovative startups and growers, with financing requests from € 100,000.

Financing table Friesland facilitates partnerships between parties in the regional financing networks. Investment companies, banks, accountants and alternative financiers participate in these networks. The aim of this is to optimize the availability of capital and alternative financing. This should lower the threshold for entrepreneurs. Companies often report to banks first for financing. However, these funding applications can be rejected on the basis of criteria drawn up by the banks. Banks are less likely to lend money, the law obliges them to hold larger buffers.

In response to this, many capital providers have recently emerged, such as crowdfunding, private equity, informal investors, and private equity firms. As a result, starters or growers have much more choice, but often no longer see the forest through the trees. This is a pity, because these companies often fit well in the ecosystem of Friesland and are promising.

Supports in different areas

Financing through market parties, knowledge and network

The Friesland Financing Table helps SMEs, who do not receive financing through their bank, find financing through market parties. In addition, SMEs are helped with the knowledge and the network of the parties sitting at the table. Financing can be provided by various types of financiers, such as banks, business angels, funds and crowd funding.

Another goal of the Financing Table is to strengthen the existing ecosystem in Friesland. Thanks to the unique collaboration between different types of financing parties that is realized with the financing table, their networks can be connected.

Financing tables 2020

First financing table 2020 a great success

First financing table 2020 a great success ✔👌

The first financing table for Friesland was held on 27 February at the Wetsus knowledge institute. 4 high-tech companies from the region have seized the opportunity to present their financing proposal to the group of permanent financiers and specialists. The table partners are now investigating whether and how the requested support and advice can be provided.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my business case eligible for financing?

    In Friesland, the Financing Table, organized by WaterCampus Leeuwarden, focuses on the sectors in which the region is strong.

    water technology
    high-tech systems & materials

    In this way, important social themes such as climate change and the circular economy are addressed.

    The target group is SMEs with this background who have a promising business case, but who have not (yet) been able to find a financier for financing from €100.000.

  • How does a meeting with the Financing Table work?

    A meeting has the following purpose: a number of entrepreneurs present their company and ask their financing request, aimed at financing from € 100,000. The financiers present respond to the financing issue, give advice on the issue and start working with entrepreneurs to get financing.

    For the Financingtable Friesland, however, the involvement does not stop with the money, because sometimes capital is not the only breaking point. It also happens that a business plan is not good enough, that there is (still) insufficient entrepreneurship in a company to live up to expectations or that other qualities are missing. The Financing Table can also guide starters and advanced growers in those areas.

    A number of rules of conduct have been agreed in order, for example, to be able to guarantee the confidentiality of the information exchanged and thus to be able to enter into an open conversation.

  • When are the next tables scheduled?

    The following financing tables Friesland are planned for:

    Tuesday, June 23,

    Thursday, October  1

    and Tuesday, December 8

  • Which regular financiers participate

    The participants in the Friesland financing table consist of permanent and financiers and a flexible shell of financiers.

    The regular financiers who participate in Friesland are.:  Rabobank, Stichting Bison,  Paques B.V., Carduso Capital, FSFE, FOM , Eijgen Finance en ING.


  • Which entrepreneurs have already taken part in the Friesland table

    Deelnemers financieringstafel 27 februari 2020: 

    CE-Line BV / Wilco Dijkstra

    Redstack BV / Pieter Hack

    Ecoloro BV /Eric van Sonsbeek

    Bert Smit Sibinga / Foru-Solution BV 

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